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Concluzii in noapte

January 10, 2010

Stau aici, intrebandu-ma oare ce caut  cu adevarat… nici eu nu mai stiu exact ce vreau.  Stiu insa ca azi a fost o zi productiva in ceea ce priveste observarea diverselor fenomente ce ne inconjoara, prin urmare am tras mai multe concluzii.

1. Calculatoarele. Whadda fuck, in Romania chiar SE strica fara sa le strice NIMENI, one second you’re trying to install the god damn windows after sever usual crashes, next thing you know is that after a totally unexpected reboot, your graphics board is toasted, at least from a preliminary looking. Adica vreau sa zic ca windowsul e de cacat, daca era bun de prima data, nu trebuia reinstalat mereu si mereu. Promit ca de acum o sa incerc sa cred lumea cand imi spune “mi S-A stricat calculatorul” fara sa ii fi facut ceva anume.

2 Cafeaua. This shit realy works.:|  Mai auzisem eu de efectul placebo si alte alea, dar cafeaua asta isi face treaba de a ma tine treaz cu un real succes, nu e doar o impresie (motiv pentru care eu scriu articolul asta la ora 3:00 AM). A doua chestie despre cafea, stiam ca aia de la automatele scolii e proasta, dar cum nu am prea avut termen de comparatie pana acum nu aveam o idee prea bine conturata, acum insa o vad cam ca pe o apa murdara de zat.

3 Sesiunea. Cacatul asta se pare  ca ii afecteaza pana si pe cei mai miserupisti dintre noi fara sa isi dea seama. Crize, isterie, o oarecare impresie de lipsa de timp (mai tarziu se va adeveri aceasta impresie). Whadda fuck mai ceva ca o isterica la PMS, mai ceva ca nu mai recunosc unele persoane, inclusiv eu.

Ca o concluzie de ansanblu, facultatea e de vina. Poate aerul de Bucuresti, poate poluarea din el 😀 ceva e oricum, nu stiu ce e, nu stiu cat o sa dureze, singura chestie de care sunt sigur e ca ma schimba…ce-o sa se intample??? metoda celor mai mici pitici sigur nu are cum sa determine asta, nu pentru ca piticii sunt prea multi (ceea ce in principiu ar fi bine daca am sta sa gandim dpdv statistic)  ci pentru ca sunt ditamai uriasii :))

Bafta tuturor, fie ca e vorba de sesiune, BAC (oralele sunt pe 15 feb pt cine nu stie) sau  de viata in general!


Lectie de engleza

January 6, 2010

Romanian profanity (înjurătură) refers to a set of words considered blasphemous or inflammatory in the Romanian language.

The Romanian language is considered to have a huge set of inflammatory terms and phrases. Profanities rarely differ from region to region in Romania, but there are differences when taking into account languages related to Romanian, such as the Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian languages. Romanian expletives often refer to both male and female genitalia. Among the most common is “pula mea,” an expression that can be literally translated into English as “my cock,” but is commonly used simmilary to the English “fuck” or “fucking.” In addition to its use as a basic expletive, the phrase can also be used in an adverbial sense. Similarly “pizdă,” literally translated as “cunt,” can be used as an expletive, often referring to the insulting phrase, “pizda mă-tii,” or, “your mother’s cunt.” This phrase is often used as a reference to the longer, “Du-te-n pizda mă-tii,” meaning, “go back in your mother’s cunt.”

Romanian insults often involve the sexual behavior of men or women. poponarcurist and găozar all are roughly the equivalent of “faggot”. Although their literal meaning was initially associated with male homosexuals, they are generally used as depreciating words towards any male, no matter their sexual orientation. “Poponar” literally is close to “bum user”, “curist” means “butt user” (“cur” means “butt” in Romanian slang), “găozar” means “ass hole user” (“găoaza”or “gaura curului” mean both “ass hole”). A word formed in a similar manner is pizdar, which is a vulgar equivalent to “womanizer” or “skirt-chaser”: someone who is obsessed with women. Bulangiu, which has quite a complex and contradictory formation (“bulan” is the slang for “luck” and also for “leg”), it generally has the meaning of “ass” (“nu fi bulangiu” = “don’t be an ass”) and is used against a man who is not cooperative, backstabber, ungrateful. It also may be used as an equivalent of “faggot”, in Rroma slang. The female version of “bulangiu” may be “bulangioaica” or “bulangie”. Lăbar and labagiu or onanist mean “jerk-off” or “jerk”. The expression “a-ti trage o laba” means “to jerk off”. Although they are literally connected to masturbation, in the spoken language they have the same meaning as “jerk”, “ass hole”, “ass” when referred to a male individual. A puţoi is the possessor of a puţă . It is a rough equivalent to “punk” or “little prick”, that is, an immature boy that tries to act “tough”. It literally translates “small dick”.

Women usually insulted by comparison with prostitutes. There is a rich vocabulary of insults involving prostitution in Romanian. Prostitutes are referred to as: curvătârfătraseistă, zdreanţă, boarfa (borfet), pitipoanca, tomberon (literally garbage can, into which a man unloads), prostituată, ştoarfă,muistă and many others. Muistă refers to a prostitute who specializes in fellatio, or to a woman with an annoying attitude. There is a male equivalent, muist that means “cocksucker”. Peşte, which literally means fish, colloquially refers to a pimp. Curvã and târfă are often used to mean “bitch” in Romanian.

Comparison with animals is another common way of insulting people in Romanian. “Scroafă,” a word meaning “sow”, is often used in the same sense as the English “bitch.” Men can be insulted with the term “bou” meaning “ox.” Other animals that can be used for insulting people include: goose(gâscă, usually used for women), donkey (măgar), and pig (porc). Nenorocit, originally an old popular phrase, that literally translates as “unlucky”, is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense, similarly to “motherfucker” in English. It is used mostly in the vocative form “nenorocitule/nenorocito (masc/fem)”.

In atentia vorbitorilor de engleza

January 6, 2010

To: All Romanian Speaking Staff
Subject: Improper Language Usage

It has been brought to our attention by several officials visiting our office in Romania that offensive language is commonly used by our Romanian speaking staff.

Such behavior, in addition to violating our policy, is highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and staff.
All personnel will immediately adhere to the following rules:

      1. 1.Words like futui, în pula mea, pula and other such expressions will not be tolerated or used for emphasis or dramatic effect, no matter how heated a discussion may become.
      2. You will not say si-a bagat pula when someone makes a mistake, or s-a cacat pe el if you see someone being reprehended, or baga-mi-as, when a major mistake has been made.  All forms and derivations of the verb a se caca and a se fute are utterly inappropriate and unacceptable in our environment.
      3. No project manager, section head or administrator under any circumstances will be referred to as pula de om, cacanaru’ or boul.
      4. Lack of determination will not be referred to as pulalau nor will persons who lack initiative be referred to as muiangiu.
      5. Unusual or creative ideas offered by management are not to be referred to as porcarii.
      6. Do not say futu-ti mata if somebody is persistent; do not add pula mea, if a colleague is going through a difficult situation.  Furthermore, you must not say am pus-o (refer to item 2) nor o sa ne-o traga when a matter becomes excessively complicated.
      7. When asking someone to leave you alone, you must not say du-te-n pula nor should you ever substitute “May I help you?” with, ce pula mea vrei?.
      8. Under no circumstances should you ever call your elderly industrial partners bosorogi împutiti.
      9. Do not say ia mai mereti-n pula cu cacatu’ asta when a relevant project is presented to you, nor should you ever answer futu-te-n cur when your assistance is required.
      10. 10.  You should never call partner representatives as boul dracului or tâmpitu’ ala.
      11. 11.  The sexual behavior of our staff is not to be discussed in terms such as pizdulica buna, futaciosu’ or homalau’ lu’ peste.
      12. 12.  Last but not least, after reading this note, please do not say ma sterg la cur cu textul asta.

                    Just keep it clean and dispose of it properly.
                    Thank you.